Why Choose Us?

With our program, you can learn Self-Defense, while you develop:

Focus and Stillness
Increased Energy 

Health Benefits Include:
Cardiovascular Health ,Muscle Tone, Weight Loss, Improved Reflexes, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, Coordination, Balance and Posture

Pacific Coast Martial Arts (formerly Lincoln City Self Defense)
has been serving the pacific coast for over 10 years.

We are part of the Alpine Martial Arts family with schools located in Oregon and Colorado. Our Head Instructor; 4th degree Sensei Joanne Vatore has been actively training and studying martial arts for 16 years. Sensei Joanne studies under 10th degree Grand Master Jim Brassard and 5th degree Master Brad Randolph who are also highly dedicated and highly awarded martial artists.

Pacific Coast Martial Arts and Sensei Joanne are committed to martial arts training and education. That dedication alongside the wealth of knowledge she gains learning directly from a Grand Master ensures she provide the students with consistent and effective martial arts training!

‚ÄčThe goal is to provide the students with an experience that will not only meet their expectations but exceed them. Whether you’re looking for martial arts training for yourself or your child, we have something for everyone.

We offer quality black belt instruction with year-round classes
for Adults and Children ages*4 and up

CLICK HERE for more information on our classes

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